Student Accident

insuremykids® Protection Plan – an inexpensive and comprehensive way to protect your family from unexpected expenses year round. Each year, thousands of families are left unprotected when their children are injured at school, on field trips, or at home without student accident insurance. Pennies a day can provide financial protection, for expenses not covered under government health or group insurance plans, but most importantly – give you better peace of mind. Why not protect your family with an insuremykids® Protection Plan? Visit to learn more.


Old Republic Canada is dedicated to serving the special needs of the transportation industry. Seeing things from the trucker's perspective contributes to a successful partnership with our customers. We provide insurance coverages that are important to truckers. Our focus is on providing a range of products that meet the needs of our clients. Below you will find a brief description of the types of coverages we provide. For more details please contact your nearest broker. Visit


Old Republic Canada underwrites short-term and long-term travel insurance products which are distributed directly through travel agencies and brokers across Canada. These products are marketed under various private brand labels to meet the specific needs of the travelling clientele of the particular distribution network. Old Republic Canada takes pride in its ability to develop custom travel insurance products for various distribution networks, recognizing the need to be flexible in order to meet the ever changing needs of the traveling public.


Old Republic Canada is now offering a unique aircraft hull & liability insurance product designed to meet the broad challenges of light aircraft owners and operators. With an experienced team, innovative coverage solutions and financial strength, Old Republic Canada is committed to providing better peace of mind when you take to the skies. Visit to learn more.

Accident and Health

Old Republic Canada's Accident and Health products have been very successfully marketed by qualified General Agents and Brokers for over 35 years. Our products have been tailor made to meet the specific needs of our clientele from Homemaker to Self-Employed Contractors and encompass both Accident and Sickness coverage for all ages. The Products include Time Loss (Disability Income) insurance, In-Hospital Money Plan, Extended Health Plans and Personal Accident Coverages.

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